About the NeuroGameJam

The Neuro Game Jam is the first game jam in Portugal to bring together neuroscientists and game developers.

Neuroscientists and Game Developers develop interactive environments, the first as experiments to answer a variety of questions focusing on precision and analytical capabilities, while the latter creates emotion-inducing, immersive and entertaining experiences.

What happens when the two collide?

The Neuro Game Jam invites both sides of this spectrum to get together and create video games that can be used in real behavioural experiments that are scientifically informative, while remaining immersive and engaging for participants.

For the second edition, we invite you and your friends for a weekend of collaboration, from the 24th to the 26th of May at Universidade Lusófona.

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The organizing committee,

Filipe Luz (Course Director of Application Multimedia and Videogames @ ULusofona)

Gautam Agarwal (Postdoctoral Fellow @ Systems Neuroscience Lab, Champalimaud Research)

Pedro Gamito (Professor, HEI Lab @ ULusofona)

Tiago Quendera (Graduate Student @ Systems Neuroscience Lab, Champalimaud Research)

Wilson Almeida (Game Creator and Professor @ ULusofona)


  • Friday, 24th

    • 18h00 - Event start
    • 18h30 - Presentation - Neuro Game Jam
    • 19h00 - Ice Breaker
    • 19h30 - Let’s make games!
  • Saturday, 25th

    • 00h00 / 23h59 - Jam!
  • Sunday, 26th

    • 17h00 - Pencils down!
    • 18h00 - Presentations + Awards Ceremony
    • 19h00 - Event end



  1. All games must adhere to the themes proposed by the organisation.

  2. You’re allowed to use any type of tools, technology, content, middleware or public libraries to create the game.

  3. You can develop games for any platform in existence as long as you have the tools to do it and the necessary means to present the game in the end.

  4. You’re allowed to use pre-made content. If you wish, you can share that content with everyone during the game jam.

  5. We advise a maximum number of 4 members per team.

  6. To maximize your experience during the event, we advise to meet other participants and create teams on site.

  7. You can participate with a pre-made team, however, each member has to sign up individually.

  8. You will have to bring your own computer, unfortunately it’s impossible for us to provide hardware for everyone.

  9. You’re responsible for taking care of your belongings, we create a safe environment and we there will be someone always present to help you out, but we wont be held responsible for any missing items.

  10. Games should use an MIT license. This way you allow the Neuro Game Jam organization to share your game for the purposes of promoting your work, the event and scientific research.

  11. NeuroGameJam reserves the right to change these rules at any time until the end of the event.

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